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The Integrative Nutrition Dream

At Integrative Nutrition we have a dream. . . of health.

We have a dream that all children around the nation are taught by their families and schools how to eat real food and not junk, so they grow up healthy and strong. That they be provided with the opportunities to choose whole foods over processed items.

We have a dream that we stop polluting and destroying our nation's environment to make processed, chemical-ridden food, and instead start raising and growing our food in a way that enhances and supports the environment as well as promotes health and sustainability for all.

We have a dream that you and your family will have the opportunity overcome persistent health issues through nourishing means, be it fatigue, weight, or more serious concerns, and live in health and balance together.

As we commemorate today the birthday of one of history's great leaders and teachers, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we ask you to look inside and ask yourself. . . what is your dream for the world, for America, for your own and your family's health? What impact do you want to make?

Please share your thoughts about what difference you want to make in 2011, on world issues, in your community, in your family, and in your own life and health.

50 Easy Ways to Get Healthier Now!

We’ve made it simple and easy for you to become your healthiest self with this list of 50 Easy Ways to Get Healthier Now! We have compiled some of the best tips, resources and products from Integrative Nutrition guest speakers and friends like Dr. Andrew Weil, David Wolfe and Deepak Chopra, as well as some Integrative Nutrition graduates that have been rocking the world of holistic health. Also included are some inspiring resources that support living a happier, healthier life! Be well!

1.    Want to ditch processed food for good? Learn from the Natural Gourmet herself, Annemarie Colbin, in this informative video How to Choose Your Food.

2.    Learn meditation for health. Dr. Weil’s Three Breathing Exercises are a great place to start.

3.    Looking to clean up your diet? Make it a Clean Start in 2011 with Integrative Nutrition Grad Terry Walters’ new book, inspiring You to Eat Clean and Live Well.

The Obvious Health Habit American's are Lacking

Are you or anyone you know trying to change your diet and eat healthier? Checking labels and asking what’s in the food on the menu? That’s great, but there’s a simple healthy habit that many American’s are forgetting about when it comes to eating better.

Food and health journalist and author of Food Matters, Mark Bittman, brings up a good point in his recent New York Times article looking at American eating habits—we hardly cook for ourselves! In his words, “Real food is cooked by real people!” It doesn’t seem surprising that real people are cooking less than ever before.

Cooking is becoming a skill of the past and many Americans barely know where to begin. Not knowing the basics of cooking sets us up for perpetuating the “convenience” habit of getting take-out, fast food and relying on heavily processed foods.

Change Is In the Air for School Food!

As one of the many ways that Integrative Nutrition is striving to make the world a healthier and happier place, we have a School Food Scholarship in which individuals use their education at Integrative Nutrition to make real changes in their local communities and school food programs.

Kimberly Daniels is one of our wonderful School Food Scholarship recipients and works in the New York City Public School system as a guidance counselor and has been doing incredible things to improve the health and nutrition of the students she works with.

Here is a little bit of what she has been up to and how she has been using her Integrative Nutrition education to make positive changes! Great work Kimberly!

Change is in the air! I am so excited to share with you the changes we have been making on the school’s breakfast and lunch menus. As a member of the Nutrition Committee, I have had the opportunity to utilize the wealth of knowledge I continue to gain from Integrative Nutrition to make changes in the school food.

Are your resolutions too much? Ideas to simplify and succeed!

Post New Years sometimes comes with guilty feelings, credit card debt and weight gain. Every year we make our list and by January 31 we are tossing it in the trash….

It doesn't need to be that way! Here is a round up of some alternative ideas for your health-related resolutions from experts like Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Oz and Pooja R. Mottl on the Huffington Post

1.    Aim to adopt a broader framework for health that can be sustainable instead of setting a ton of rigid, unrealistic orders that will leave you feeling disappointed if they don’t stick.

2.    Strive to learn about the best options for YOU (and you only)! Instead of jumping on the bandwagon of yet another fad diet, commit to take some time to investigate your own personal body and mind. What kind of eating habits make you feel best? What types of exercise do you enjoy and realistically do most often?

3.    Make the phrase, “No one knows you as well as you know yourself,” the truth! It can help you to become healthier and more connected to your own experience.

Tips for a Happy Healthy New Year

Happy New Year note from Anna Meyers, an Integrative Nutrition graduate and Health Coach...

I always love the week before New Years. It’s like the eye of the storm.

Leading up to it, you have the joyful frenzy of the holidays – shopping, parties, family, cooking, and of course eating! On the other side, you have the New Year, a time when everyone whips into action and begins changing their lives for the better.

But during the last week of December, the world takes a breather. People rest and work is slow. There is a relaxed feeling almost everywhere you go. It is the perfect time to be pensive and restful.

Over the years, I have developed a tradition that helps me to focus my attention on the things that really matter to me.  This helps me go into the New Year with a fresh, focused, and calm direction. We so rarely get the chance to reflect, but this week is the perfect time.  Here are some simple ideas for making the most of this time.

Make a date with yourself.  Sometimes it feels like everyone wants a piece of you! That’s why it is so important to carve out some you-time. Go to a comfy café, curl up on your couch, or drive to a beautiful place. The point is to get away from the distractions, and declare that this is “me time.”

Right under your nose: A simple way to lower holiday stress and overeating

Turns out, we can actually use our mind to improve our physical health. With a little practice, you can be well on your way to reaping the positive benefits from breathing exercises.

Breathing exercises are built-in stress relievers and can have immediate positive effects like lowering blood pressure and triggering your relaxation response. Deeper breathing triggers the parasympathetic nervous system—the one that calms us down.

With heightened stress-levels and abundant holiday treats lying around, it’s sometimes a perfect set up for overeating and feeling overwhelmed. What if you could try breathing instead?

Practicing breathing exercises can actually train the body’s reaction to stressful situations—lowering the production of harmful stress hormones (the same ones that contribute to overeating tendencies). It’s a powerful and easy tool for increasing your overall health and wellbeing. Give yourself a present this holiday…It’s free and right under your nose (literally). Breathe!

To get started, try this simple breathing exercise:

Graduate Ana Poirier: Finding her glimmer of hope

Integrative Nutrition graduate, Ana Poirier, quit dancing professionally and was searching for a glimmer of hope to regain health, wellness and balance in her life.

She transformed her life and career upon enrolling in the Professional Training Program and has been on a successful journey ever since, living her dream life with a thriving health coaching business, Yoga Body Nutrition.

“It has been 11 years since I graduated from IIN, and the wonderful thing about my journey since then is that the school continues to be a major influence in my life and my work.”

What were you doing before IIN?

Before IIN, I was cocktail waitressing in NYC. After 17 years in the performing arts as a dancer, I had quit the professional dance track and was waitressing and taking acting classes while I figured out my life.

I remember the day I decided to quit dancing I had this light bulb that flashed. The message I got was, “I know I can feel better, I know there’s a way.” At the time I was struggling with massive digestive issues, low energy, a “mild” eating disorder, depression, hormonal issues, migraine headaches and acne. I was mentally, physically, spiritually beaten down, but had a glimmer of hope.

What's one of the best parts about giving?

At Integrative Nutrition, our goal is to have the world see clearly that food changes everything. We started more than 20 years ago, and have continued to educate thousands of students of the vital importance of true nourishment. In turn, Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches have gone on to educate tens of thousands more people. Together we have created a ripple effect that is bringing health and happiness to the world.

We always strive to find new ways to spread our message. In 2010 alone, we have given more than $135,000 to charities and foundations that share our mission and to organizations working to make our vision of a healthy world into a reality.

One of the most rewarding parts of giving is hearing and seeing the positive impact that has been created. Recently we have received letters from a few of the organizations that we have donated to. We wanted to share their words of thanks, in hopes of inspiring you all to continue to make a difference in any way you can.

What the Medical Community Loves about Health Coaches

Health coaching is all the rage.  As more and more attention is given to preventative care, health coaching is seen as a vital aspect of creating healthy lifestyle changes.  Not only is there a shift to live healthier lives, people are finding that helping others become healthier makes their lives happier too. 

According to a recent article in Medical Economics, the medical community is embracing the Health Coach.  Quite often, doctors don’t have time to give a patient the full attention they need to overcome obstacles to improving their health.  A Health Coach can contribute the time, knowledge and devotion to clients, helping them to achieve optimal health and wellness.  Through health coaching sessions, clients develop a deeper understanding of the foods and lifestyle choices that work best for them to lead happier, healthier lives.

 “The primary objectives of health coaching are to educate the patient regarding self health management and to encourage patients in taking a more proactive role in staying healthy.”-Medical Economics