Define Your Health

What Matters Most ~ Living the Best YOU

June 21, 2011

           "For several years I suffered with various ailments from osteo-arthritis to skin conditions.  I read books on natural medicine and received great information that aided in the healing and/or relief of some of my conditions, but I continued to lose weight (down to 100 pounds in a 5’ 5” frame), ate six times a day, stayed fatigued, and did not look or feel optimum for my age (in the 30s).  I was thankful for the progress that occurred in some of my ailments, but knew that something remained missing in achieving optimum health.  When Margi with Define Your Health began working with me, she asked me to fill out a health history.  Even in the process of filling it out, I recognized some patterns that contributed to my lack of optimum health.  Margi, however, never made me think of myself in a negative light but brought out the positive of what I currently did.  After reviewing my health history and talking with me for an hour, she began discussing a few options with me.  The options, however, did not only include food.  Margi talked about primary foods which encompass care for the whole self.  Although I advocated holistic health, I usually focused on caring for certain aspects of my well-being but not the whole self.  After talking with her, I became encouraged that I would be able to live with optimum health in a holistic manner.  I also began implementing some dietary additions, deliberately tried getting more time for relaxation and sleep, addressed some issues buried in my soul, and spent more meaningful time in fellowship with God.  I started enjoying a variety of foods and I noticed healthy weight gain and vibrance in my face.  In the course of the months, my sleeping habits improved, my energy levels increased, my outlook on life became more optimistic, I was more aware of my emotions, and I became more joyful in being the person God created rather than trying to be superhuman.  I embraced relationships more and recognized holistic health taking shape—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  During the sessions with Margi, I had a sense that she really listened, cared, welcomed questions, and was well read in her information that she shared.  After each of the sessions, I experienced hope for gaining holistic health and looked forward to trying the suggestions she gave.  She did a fabulous job giving enough information without an overload.  I thank God that I have had the opportunity to be one of Margi’s clients and experience greater health because of the journey.  I hope that many more have the opportunity to work with Margi as their health coach and be blessed with more holistic health in body, mind, and spirit."  JB